The KC Restoration School is a Sudbury-inspired school that sets children free to learn through self-paced exploration, purpose discovery, and engagement in an opportunity-rich learning center. We provide an educational environment that fosters the natural joy of learning within a consent-based democracy. 

Our mission is to activate the learning journeys of our community through our K-12 school and community education programs.

Our goals:

  1. Create a restorative model of K-12 education with a community of practice infused with mindfulness, brave conversations about equity, freedom, and the reality of our modern time.

  2. Nurture and protect a healing-centered environment for life-long self-determined learning for children from 5 to 18 years old in the Greater Kansas City area.

  3. Cocreate pathways and curate spaces for learning that foster personal and collective power to thrive.

Equity. Freedom. Reality

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