Business Membership

Business Members of the KC Timebank create a unique opportunity for meeting the evolving needs of their business. Timebanking is especially impactful for businesses who seek to mindfully nurture the "triple bottom line"; people, planet, and profit.

Each business membership is unique to the size and needs of the business.

  • Do you have unpaid workers, volunteers, apprentices?

  • What does the business want to achieve as a result of time banking?

  • How does the business expect to see results related to business outcomes?

  • What external factors need to be considered? 

  • What internal constraints, like budgets or timing, could limit the use of time banking?


Timebanking can change the story of your business! With sliding scale fees starting at $500, we are transforming our vision to include our volunteer staff earning time credits.

Our 1st business member is Harvest Moon Botànica and Women's Collective. We look forward to watching you continue to engage your community in opportunities to heal, learn, and grow.