Organization Membership

Organizations engaging in time exchange benefits everyone because organizations have value to exchange!

As a Timebank member, you will have a unique opportunity to engage your volunteers and stakeholders in a more equitable and reciprocal way.

When you are choosing your amount for the subscription fee, please align with your organization's income.  

If you are struggling to make ends meet, pay $50 for your year-long subscription.

If you can afford to pay $100 or $200 please do, this will help cover the costs of making this accessible to others and all money goes to administering the Timebank and any excess goes to KCRS scholarship fund.  

If you have the ability to pay $500, please do. Sliding scales work, when everyone pays what they can.


"Timebanking can change the story of volunteering with your organization! The sliding scale of $50-$500 means everyone can engage!"