Beth Sarver, President of the Board of Directors


Beth integrates play and mindfulness into everything that she does. She is a regional leader and master trainer in trauma-informed care, trauma-sensitive schools, and building resilience culture. Learn more about her work at www.breathingroomkc.com

"The Kansas City Sudbury School offers our region an opportunity to create and support the future of education now. As a parent, non-traditional educator, and educational consultant, I have seen the need for the Sudbury Model from multiple vantage points. Participatory democracy and equity-based economics in education are revolutionary; I want to be a part of building this new story of "school" that reclaims our nature as life-long learners, no matter our age, race or labels. "


Aundrea Anderson, Secretary


My greatest strength is ‘learner’. As a child, I gravitated to books, reading, crafts, projects, dance, music, art, science--anything that captured my mind and imagination.


Then I attended school.  I was quickly recognized for my ability to learn, and accepted into the gifted program. Participating in this program gave me a look into two worlds: One that celebrated uniqueness, gifts, strengths, and allowed a sense of freedom for each child to express themselves. The other world was the ‘regular’ classroom that I attended during most of the week. The contrast of this world left me feeling unmotivated, stifled, and despondent to learning. I dreamed of days filled with exploring my own interests and knew there was a better way.


My childhood also had challenges: Divorced parents; raised by a single parent; both remarried and divorced again; alcoholism; family dynamic challenges; lack of finances and resources.  My experiences have given me a look into the world from many angles, which over time has shaped my understanding of myself, while creating empathy for others. I understand the need for a holistic approach to education, which creates a foundation for success in life--as opposed to our current system that approaches education as the foundation for success.


I hope to be a part of the KC Sudubry School in order to hold a space for each child to create and reach their own definition of ‘success’.

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