What are you grateful for about KCRS?

A conversation with our community of students, staff and parents.

"I’m grateful for a place for us to practice community and how to allow our children to grow into who they want to be. I’m grateful for Beth and Mr. J for their patience, partnership, and tenacity in creating and maintaining this space."

Maleika Robinson, Parent Circle Coordinator

"I am grateful for this school because my other school was rough. I am thankful that this school is alive and that Ms. Beth is my teacher. I like Ms. Beth because she works as a team and I like her a lot." Leanna, Age 9

"We have art stuff, and we can use it when we want. I like doing art a lot because it’s so fun. And I am thankful for my friends." Milana, age 9

"I am thankful that we have a quiet room where I can sit and think about stuff. I am just glad that this school exists." Phoenix, Age 13, Inventory Clerk of the Kitchen Circle

"I am thankful that I have best friends and we get to play tag every day."

Maelynn, Age 6, Representative of the Super Beginner Circle

"I’m grateful for new friends, a safe school for children who didn’t feel safe in other schools, and the unique learning experiences I am hanging along with my child."

Kelly Beale, Parent Circle

"I am thankful that I can teach the science of eggnog." Mr. J, Co-founding Staff

"We can take the time to be responsive to our community." Mrs. Beth, Co-founding Staff

"The quiet times when its’ not loud." Paxton, Age 14.

"Everything. Everything that we make." Hollis, Age 5.

"I am grateful for the flexibility, transparency, and support that KCRS embodies."

Edith Blakeney, Parent Circle

"I am grateful for teachers, Leia, and friends." Vaida, Age 8

I am thankful for "how intentional and thoughtful the school culture is." Zay Thompson, Parent Circle

"I’m grateful for the heart and tenacity of Beth, the Board, and Mr. J to create this one-of-a-kind community." Jenn Preston, Parent Circle

"I have way more freedom than I would have in any other school. We get to cook, we have T.V.’s and screens, have fun, and go outside to the courtyard almost anytime we ask. We have a dog named Leia, she’s cute. We get to have our word in things and make things happen. I feel like I am treated like I am older and am given more responsibilities." Zack, Age 10, Representative of the Butterfly Circle & Math Clerk for the Kitchen Circle

"I’m thankful for the presence and out-of-the-box thinking the staff have with each child." Sami Muggy, Parent Circle

"I am grateful for the openness and freedom for the children and all the fun activities that we get to do. The possibilities are endless." Austin, Age 12, Representative of the Purple Pather Circle

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